KidsCollaboration.jpgGetting Started with Wikispaces

Congratulations! You are getting ready to use a tremendously powerful Web 2.0 tool with your students. Many teachers get started with Wikispaces as a simple Web 1.0 tool, but the power of this tool is when you move into its Web 2.0 capabilities. Here are some of the benefits you'll learn once you start working with Wikispaces...

Web 1.0

  • Wikispaces is an easy-to-use web editor. You will find that Wikispaces will provide you with a website to use to share Digital Learning Objects with your students.
  • Wikispaces widget tool works seamlessly to embed lessons from the Content Library, Google Presentations, Google Forms, and YouTube videos. (Use to ensure that videos you find will be viewable by students at home as well as at school)
  • Wikispaces provides a great avenue to share Digital Learning Objects with students in your Blended/Flipped classroom.

Web 2.0

  • Wikispaces ties in to our Active Directory. That means that students and teachers all have accounts automatically without you needing to deal with account management.
  • Students can participate in discussions within Wikispaces.
  • Students can collaborate to build their own web content. What about letting your kids create their own online textbook? How about an online dictionary with new vocabulary?
  • Within Wikispaces, the Projects allow you to set up websites within your website. This allows you to provide your students with a smaller collaborative sandbox and control permissions down to the individual student.

In Summary... Wikis in a Nutshell

What is a wiki? Simply put, a wiki is a website that allows visitors to make changes, contributions, or corrections. Some examples might be Wikipedia, or even your classroom Wikispaces site.

Wikis allow people to work together to create and share content, add comments, and discuss. Through collaboration, a wiki can be stronger than a website that anyone writes on his/her own. A team is stronger than an individual.