settingsall.pngCustomizing Your Settings

By clicking on the settings button, you can customize your Wiki to meet your needs.


  • Set the name of your Wiki - appears at the top of the window, and in default header/banner
  • Basic Wiki: Shows all the edit tools automatically. You need to select basic Wiki if you are planning to have kids discuss or work on contributing their own content.
  • Editable Wiki: Hides all of the edit tools by default so that the wiki looks more like a typical website. Those with edit privileges can still click a button to show the edit tools.
  • Wikispaces Classroom: Coming soon.

  • Who: organizers, members, signed-in users, everyone
  • What: view, edit, create, discuss
  • Check the box to allow for non-members to request membership.

Video Tutorial - Settings

Look and Feel

Themes and Colors
  • Select a Theme (layout)
  • Select a Pre-Made color scheme, or customize
  • Set colors for background, headers/footers, sidebar, and links
  • Create a custom banner

Video Tutorials Look & Feel