Getting Started with your Wikispaces Site

When you get your new, blank Wikispaces site, it may seem a little overwhelming at first. The most difficult part happens as you think about the purpose of your site, and how you need to set it up to support that purpose. Your permissions and framework will fall into place when you settle on the purpose.

How will you share your Wikispaces URL with students?
  • Link to your Wikispaces page from your Dublin Webpage
  • Link to your Wikispaces page through ProgressBook
  • Put a QR Code and URL on a postcard, and send it home with kids. They can bookmark the site on their personal phone, iPod Touch, iPad, or computer.
  • Create an easy-to-remember, short URL through

Blended Learning Model:
Moving your instructional model to that of a blended learning classroom requires you to have some web content. Wikispaces great simple and powerful tool to help you organize your web content.

Four Blended Learning Models to Consider:
1. Rotation Model
  • Station: Classroom rotation. Kids in your class rotate through stations at the same pace.
  • Lab: School rotation. All at the same pace. Very traditional. Isolation of skills. Computer lab, library time, music time...
  • Flipped: Learning at home through online resources, then apply and practice the learning at school with collaboration and teacher as facilitator.
  • Individual: Kid-specific. Kids choose based on skills and learning style. Lots of stations throughout the classroom, but kids choose which stations they need and the pace they move through them.

2. Flex Model:
Learning happens within a team or PLC. Kids move through team/PLC teachers, but kids have more flexibility. Reorganize the space to support flexibility. Kids could be moving all around a pod, wing, or building to go where they need to go.

3. Self-Blend: (not typically in Dublin)
Pure online courses. Students take some classes online as offerings not offered elsewhere, but come to school fothe regular classes.

4. Enriched-Virtual Model: (not Dublin)
Kids take most classes online, and come to school for enrichment or help.

Thinking About Your Wikispaces Framework:
Who is your audience?
  • Students in my class
  • Students in my building
  • Students in the district
  • Colleagues/PLC
  • Parents
  • A combination of the above

Who are the content contributors?
  • Just me
  • My building PLC
  • My district PLC
  • Students
  • A combination of the above

What is included in your Wikispaces Page?
  • Background Information
  • Differentiated learning styles
  • Content Format: audio, images, animations, diagrams, maps, documents...
  • Surveys
  • Formative Assessment
  • Links
  • Discussion
  • Collaborative pages
  • Enrichment, Intervention
  • Absent students
  • New students
  • Review for banded courses