Using the Basic Formatting Tools in Wikispaces

Wikispaces is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web editing. That makes it simple to create online content for students. It's also simple enough that the tool doesn't get in the way when students begin to collaborate on their own pages.

The formatting tools allow you to change the style of the text on your page. It is best to keep the font and color consistent from page to page, so I wouldn't suggest you customize too much. Dividing your page content apart with bold headers, bullet points, numbered lists, and dividing lines can help the end user make sense on the content. It'll make it look nice, too!

Video Tutorial
Formatting Tools

Examples of Text Styles:

  1. Bold
  2. Italicized
  3. Underline (avoid this because the user may assume the underlined text is a link)
  4. Colors
  5. Creating Headers (see "Examples of Text Styles" above)
  6. Numbered Lists (as in this list)
  7. Bulleted Lists (as below)

A Bulleted List:

  • Dasher
  • Dancer
  • Prancer
  • Vixon
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Donder
  • Blitzen